When my pet died I was devastated, finding pet counselling was a real support for me as pets are family members too. Losing a pet is so distressing but talking to friends incessantly felt self-absorbed. Lee gave me that safe space. Lee was sensitive, supportive and only a Zoom away.

Jenni B.

Lee sat with me as I grieved the loss of my wife. He then helped me find a path forward. He was very helpful.

Wayne D.

I have Bipolar Disorder II and Lee was really good at letting me practice managing my condition better than I had been. I feel I’m more in control of the condition now, and the bumps are more manageable.

Annie F.

When my husband,  friend and companion of 48 years died after a long lingering illness I reached out to Lee for some support in putting things in perspective so that I could appropriately grieve for the whole relationship, not just the negative ending. He patiently listened to my ramblings and helped guide me in a much more positive direction. 
Thank  you, Lee

Helen G.

I’ve been doing the exercises regularly and have definitely been noticing changes in my ability to deal with stress. I seem to be functioning a lot better at work and am becoming more aware of my triggers. It has been great to open up to you about how I have been and I’ve found your advice very valuable.

Daniel G.

Lee really helped my husband and I after the death of our beloved and adored old Labrador.  We were both distraught and in a world of pain, but chatting with Lee made us both feel much better, and enabled us to start on the road to healing and recovery.  Thanks so much Lee.

Liz O.


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