COVID-19 counselling

COVID-19 has impacted us all. Some of us have lost our jobs, some our businesses, some have the threat of job loss hanging over them. Incomes, mortgages, loans, superannuation, childcare, schooling –– all have been disrupted. 

There is a tremendous sense of anxiety in the air, especially in Victoria and parts of the eastern seaboard. Some Victorians must be wondering if they will ever see a return to ‘normal’. 

This anxiety interferes with our ability to live happy, productive lives. It’s hard to be carefree when financial and health worries bombard us from all sides, and these worries are about not only us and our immediate families but our relatives too. Those living in residential care, especially the elderly, are seemingly at even greater risk. 

I have some tools to help you deal with the anxiety and depression that COVID-19 is causing. They are proven tools that have worked with tens of thousands of people over the years. By trying them out, you will find what tool works best for you, so you can gain relief from the stress, anxiety and depression that is currently playing havoc with your life. 

Why not use my booking form to make a time for both of us to meet up over Zoom and get to work straight away? Or else drop me an email: You can also call me on 0410 642 052. My operating hours are, in this current climate, Wednesday–Sunday, noon–9pm. 

In the interim, here’s a tool that you might find useful for coping with depression caused by COVID-19:

Doing the small things

Set yourself small tasks to accomplish. Tasks such as:

  • Re-potting a plant
  • Polishing your shoes
  • Getting some photos on your phone printed
  • Putting a picture in a frame
  • Clearing the dining room table
  • Watching that tv show or movie you were saving up for ‘later’
  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Reading an article in your favourite magazine
  • Sorting out a closet
  • Calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Emailing your local or Federal politician
  • Cleaning out the car
  • Weeding a section of the garden
  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • Sorting out the recycling
  • Taking bottles to the bottle bank 
  • Tidying one corner of the shed 
  • Taking a bath 
  • Keeping a journal, either in a book or in Evernote on your computer/devices (try listing three things you’re grateful for) 
  • Tidying up your computer’s filing system (a step or folder at a time — don’t try initiating a new filing system across all your files in one go) 
  • Installing password manager software on your computer, phone or tablet 
  • Getting up to date with your accounts…

The possibilities are endless. The only requirement is that the task must be easy to accomplish; forget about grouting the shower or cleaning all the windows in the house. Small and easily manageable are the keys. Something that doesn’t require you to shift into a positive frame of mind before you start — although you might find that your mood shifts into positive territory by the time you’ve completed it. 


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