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Photography workshop: ‘Monochrome mood’

Lee Hopkins - counsellor and photographer

I’m keen to put together a workshop on moody black and white photography, shot around the Adelaide Hills.

What I have in mind is a two-or-three hour expedition to two-or-three locations in the hills. Once there, we would take photos that reflect our mood at the time.

I’m willing to take what you believe to your ‘best’ shot of the day and turn it into a monochrome (aka black and white) shot for you, with moodiness added in post-processing. I can’t guarantee shots like I’ve taken on the pages of this website, because you can never capture the same image twice, but I’m confident we can find something that we’d be quietly proud of and want to print off and hang on a wall somewhere.

The cost will be around $50 per person. What do you think? No special equipment required, other than a car to travel around in and a camera (your phone is fine). You just need to be able to email me your chosen image to have turned into a black and white shot.

If this is something that you might want to be part of, drop me a line at


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