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Depression and Bipolar Disorder are not just about ‘taking the drugs’

When I talk to people about depression, or bipolar disorder, one thing they sometimes tell me is that medication will fix it all.

Like taking a Panadol for a headache, they expect to take some medications and have their depression or their bipolar disorder magically cured. Whisked away.

It doesn’t work like that.

Medicine is only one part of the process to wellness. Of equal importance are support, encouragement, having a safe place to relapse. Support groups, therapy, good friends… all play a crucial role in helping someone deal effectively with their depression or bipolar episodes.

There is no doubt that medicine is important. You’ll have to prise my lithium and other drugs from my cold, dead hands. But make sure, when you first receive your medicine scripts, that you also set up talking therapy and support groups where possible. Tell your close friends what you’re going through and what support you might need from them.

Because it is an unfair burden for medical science to bear alone. You owe it to yourself to surround yourself with all the help you can get.

After all, you’re worth it.

Call me on 8120 0300 if you want to talk through your own experience of living with depression or Bipolar Disorder, or you want to talk about how to help a friend or loved one.

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