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Lee Hopkins - counsellor and photographer

Depression can be a horrible thing to live through. You feel exhausted, unenthused, sadder than anything. You feel like sleeping all day, keeping anti-social hours. You withdraw from social contact and exist in a shell, keeping the world away from you.

Depression can afflict many of us at various times in our lives. It is not a sign of weakness to suffer from depression, no matter what our heads might be telling us at the time.

I know what it’s like to live with depression—I have lived with it at various stages of my life, and have no doubt I will live with it again.

I know there are some things I can do to help lessen the burden of depression in myself, and I can tell you about them, in a secure setting.

Why not give me a call on 0410 642 052 or contact me and we can sort out a time for you to come and see me.

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  1. Depression is an exceptionally regular disease that effects no less than one of every four Australians inside their lifetime. This is no special case in Adelaide. Numerous individuals play down the reality of this sickness as it might have a couple of obvious indications, and they may erroneously expect they can ‘wake up’ Sadly.

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