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Loss & Grief counsellor

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Battle your demons and come out winning.

Living with the pain of depression, or the roller-coaster of bipolar disorder is not easy. Handling the loss of someone close to you, whether human or a pet, is difficult.

You have good days and you have bad days. The good days make you feel like you’ve got a handle on all this, the bad days remind you that sometimes you don’t have such a strong grip on the handle.

I can help you get to grips with the highs and lows of bipolar disorder. Or living with depression. Or struggling with grief and loss (bereavement).

You will find the strength to tackle your demons, and you will find the peace and comfort from finding yourself back on top of things again. No more needless suffering. Less stress. Less anxiety. Less anger. Less sadness. Less heartache.  Whatever is bothering you, you can achieve peace of mind.

Online counselling services from a professional counsellor.

As a PACFA registered Counsellor, my practice is grounded within the PACFA Ethical Framework. Online counselling requires specific practices and takes some preparation by the client for client safety.

For many people, online counselling fits in with their busy lifestyle and is a useful way to receive support for a variety of problems and issues, including:

Bipolar Disorder

If you've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, you and I can begin the interesting work of unpacking what the diagnosis means for you and those who love you, to have you living your best life.


Depression can be a horrible thing to live through. You feel exhausted, unenthused, sadder than anything. Having lived with depression myself, I can work with you to find strategies that work for you.

Grief and loss

There are no right and wrong ways to deal with grief. Solution-focused brief therapy can help you to make sense of things when facing death or accompanying a family member or friend who is facing death.

More information

Want more information on depression, bipolar disorders or loss and grief?

  • The four types of depression and how to manage them;
  • A self-administered checklist to see if you might be bipolar;
  • Two expert views on loss and grief, and the tasks you need to accomplish to help you get through your grief.

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